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US cold snap was a freak of nature, quick analysis finds

Jan 11, 2018

A quick study of the brutal American cold snap finds that the Arctic blast really wasn't global warming but a freak of nature

African elephant, hippo, rhino populations shrink in wartime

Jan 10, 2018

Elephants, hippos, rhinos and other big African animals are collateral damage to constant African wars

Watchdog to investigate flood risks to Superfund sites

Jan 5, 2018

A federal government watchdog agency will investigate the threats from flooding and other natural disasters to the nation's most polluted places

Low oxygen levels, coral bleaching getting worse in oceans

Jan 4, 2018

Two new studies show global warming is making oceans sicker, depleting oxygen and harming coral reefs

Study: Distance restrictions on orcas haven't hurt tourism

Dec 25, 2017

A study by a federal agency has found that restrictions limiting boats from getting too close to endangered southern resident killer whales have not harmed the whale-watching industry

Climate change predicted to drive more migrants to Europe

Dec 21, 2017

Scientists say climate change could dramatically increase the number of people seeking asylum in Europe

Former Wisconsin regulator to lead EPA's Chicago office

Dec 20, 2017

A former Wisconsin state regulator has been named chief of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's regional office in Chicago

Under Trump, climate change not a national security threat

Dec 19, 2017

Under Trump, climate change no longer listed as national security threat

The Latest: 18 climate scientists win French grants

Dec 11, 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron has awarded grants worth millions of euros to bring 18 American and other climate scientists to France, a program to counter U.S. President Donald Trump's rejection of the Paris climate accord

Trump science job nominees missing advanced science degrees

Dec 5, 2017

Trump nominees to top science, health jobs often are missing something: advanced science degrees

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