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Snow science: Crystal clues to climate change, watersheds

Mar 16, 2018

Science of snow: Researchers say tiny crystals could help unlock secrets to climate change, watersheds

Snow joke: Weatherman named Meteorologist runs for office

Mar 13, 2018

A former TV weatherman who legally changed his name to Meteorologist Drew Anderson says there's a 100 percent chance he'll run for Congress in Pennsylvania under the new moniker

Seismic center: Caribbean undersea volcano may soon erupt

Mar 13, 2018

A Caribbean seismic research center says an underwater volcano just north of Grenada may be about to erupt but does not pose a tsunami threat to the region

Geometric clusters of cyclones churn over Jupiter's poles

Mar 7, 2018

Jupiter's poles are blanketed by geometric clusters of cyclones and its atmosphere is deeper than suspected

Science Says: Arctic not so chill this record warm winter

Mar 6, 2018

The Arctic's winter this year was the warmest on record, and scientists say they've never seen one like it

Agency weighs new rules for climbers' poop on Alaska peak

Mar 1, 2018

The National Park Service is considering changing its rules for how mountaineers dispose of their poop on North America's tallest peak

British judge sentences prolific pedophile to 32 years

Feb 19, 2018

A judge in Britain has sentenced a prolific pedophile to 32 years in prison in what is being described as a watershed moment for authorities coming to grips with technology's ability to spread depravity

Trump: Gut funding for climate science, boost fossil fuels

Feb 13, 2018

The Trump administration is targeting federal funding for studying and tracking climate change while boosting the continued burning of planet-warming fossil fuels

The Latest: Trump budget would usher in new deficit era

Feb 13, 2018

President Donald Trump's new budget plan would order steep cuts to the nation's social safety net but push military spending much higher

Satellites show warming is accelerating sea level rise

Feb 12, 2018

New satellite research shows global warming is making seas rise at an ever increasing rate

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